Exhibition organizers



Euroindex Ltd. is the largest organizer of b2b trade shows in Ukraine.

Address:  56, Peremoha Ave., Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine
tel./fax:  +38 (044) 461-93-00
E-mail:  info@eindex.kiev.ua

LMT Corporation

One of the main activities of LMT Corporation is the organization and holding of exhibitions, forums and conferences on the basis of modern exhibition marketing techniques, integrated design and exhibition design, organization of continuous cycle of communication "designer-producer-consumer".

Address: pav # 23, 1, Ak. Glushkova ave. Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine
tel./fax:  +38 (044) 206-10-99,  +38 (044) 206-10-16
E-mail:  lmt@lmt.kiev.ua
Web: www.lmt.kiev.ua


MEDVIN is the one exhibition company in Ukraine which operates in 10 regions of the state.

Address:  12E, Heroiv Stalingrada str., Kyiv, 04210, Ukraine
tel./fax:  +38 (044) 501-03-66, 501-03-42

Prіmus Exhіbіtіons Group

Primus Exhibitions Group is an international group of companies which specializes in organization of international exhibitions and conferences at a competitive price.

Address:  6-"Be" Geroev Stalingrada Ave., Kyiv, 04210, Ukraine
tel./fax:  +38 (044) 537-69-99,  +38 (044) 537-69-96
Web:  http://www.theprimus.com/en


SPORT EXPO LTD - the organizer of "Winter Sport Extreme" and "Velobike" trade shows.

Address:  office # 200, 56, Peremoga ave., Kyiv, 03057, Ukraine
tel./fax: +380 (44) 461-99-84
E-mail:  mail@sportexpo.kiev.ua
Web:  www.sportexpo.kiev.ua


Main activities:
organization of international and national specialized exhibitions, business meetings; organization of companies presentations, conferences and seminars, promotional campaigns and market researches; engineering and design of exhibits and exclusive stands.

Address: 150-А, Zabolotnogo str., Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine
tel./fax: +38 (044) 593-19-01 (02,03,04)
E-mail: info@agroinkom.com.ua

Dog Training Club of Ukraine
Organizer dogs of all breeds. The main activity is to promote the conservation and improvement of the gene pool of purebred dogs to meet and protect their legal, social, economic, creative, national, cultural, sports and other common interests.
Address:  72, Krasnozvezdniy ave., Kyiv, 03037, Ukraine
tel./fax:  +38 (044) 248-33-11
E-mail:  ukciku@mail.ru
Web:   http://worldkennel.org/


Company engaged in the organization of international conferences and regional seminars in the field of agricultural business. Large-scale conference concern three sectors: crop production, dairy cattle and swine. Such events are collected under one roof representatives of leading agricultural enterprises in Ukraine, dairy plants, commercial companies - leaders of the world and the Ukrainian market, workers industry associations, financial institutions, embassies, news agencies.

Address: 2/38, Parizhskoy Komuni str., Uman, 20300, Cherkasy reg., Ukraine
tel./fax:  +380 (04744) 3-69-85, +380 (04744) 3-06-61 (fax), +38 (067) 470-19-39 (mob)
E-mail:  info@dykun.com.ua
Web:  http://dykun.com.ua/