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Around 10 exhibition organizers from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Turkey and Italy work in KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Centre.

More than half of certified by UFI Ukrainian exhibitions are held here.

Among the main exhibition organizers should be noted the following companies:


  • Kyiv International Contract Fair JSC — the largest industrial exhibition organizer in Ukraine


  • Euroindex Ltd — the leading high technology exhibition organizer.

The organization of the exhibition is a complicated, but at the same time rather interesting process that requires a certain amount of time and resources.

In this section we stay on the main conditions of the event in KyivExpoPlaza from the application till to the end of the event.

Two departments will work with you during the planning and holding the trade shows:

1. Planning and sales department accepts applications, concludes contracts, determines the terms and location of an exhibition).
2. Exhibition support department coordinates the work of all departments during assembly, holding exhibitions and dismantling; conducts documentary analysis of the exhibition, calculates exhibition with the accountant document.

3. Planning the advertising campaign you will directly communicate with advertising and PR department. Here you receive all advertising opportunities during exhibitions, at KyivExpoPlaza site, informative flatness on bill-boards and city-lights, long-term advertising campaign at KyivExpoPlaza central fence.

To organize an exhibition in KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Centre you need to:



1. Submit an application for holding the event to the sector of planning and sales.

2. Familiarize with the contract conditions.

3. Identify an area where the exhibition will take place.

4. Give an order to General booth-constructor company for exhibition plan design.

5. Give an order to Art Blanche for building of exclusive exhibition stand design.

6. Book conference-halls for business program.

7. Choose the type of furniture equipment in the conference- hall.

8. Order sound equipment in the pavilions.

9. Order shuttle-bus from the Nyvky metro station to the Exhibition Centre.

10. Place banners in the exhibition center.

11. Order a buffet, reception, coffee breaks, and business-lunch in Plaza restaurant.

Any questions about organizing events in KyivExpoPlaza can be managed in the planning and sales department:

Larisa Stasiuk                                                               
Head of planning and sales department                  

Direct phone number: +38 (044) 227-07-17          
E-mail: stasiuk(at)expoplaza.kiev.ua