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General information

Date of founding — February 7, 2003.

Core business — an exhibition center, rather than an exhibition organizer.

Mission — to create comfortable conditions for productive business meetings, and for the development of professional associations of specialists from the leading industries in Ukraine’s economy.

Aim — to introduce new standards of innovativeness and openness, which correspond to the demands of the time, and to international quality standards.

Membership — The Exhibition Federation of Ukraine (EFU), the Chamber of Commerce and Trade of Ukraine (CCTU), Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Trade (KCCT), and the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).


Outstanding events per years


  • January 15 — a press conference on the opening of the KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center in Kyiv takes place at the Chamber of Commerce and Trade of Ukraine.


  • February 7 — the opening of KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center is marked by Exhibition Business 2003: Results of the Decade. With the opening of the new modern exhibition center, the face of the Ukrainian exhibition business changed fundamentally — exhibition organizers got the opportunity to carry out their events in specially-designed premises.


  • February 7 — The Code of Honest Business is signed. KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center adheres to the rules of ethical business practices and fair competition. These rules are reflected in the Code of Honest Business, which was signed by members of the Exhibition Federation of Ukraine (EFU). According to the Code, KyivExpoPlaza recognises its responsibility to the main players in the exhibition market, and provides a balance between the interests of the exhibition business and the interests of exhibitors and visitors, as well as fighting against unfair competition, and protecting exhibition brands and themes.


  • September 1 — Exhibitions of Kyiv magazine is launched. Exhibitions of Kyiv is an official publication of the KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center, in which information is published about current exhibitions and exhibition-related activities, company news, analytical articles, and nightlife events in Kyiv. Circulation — 5,000 copies.


  • September 4 — a meeting of the board of directors of the CENTREX International Exhibition Union takes place. This first meeting of the directors of CENTREX on Ukrainian soil means a lot for Ukrainian business. It became a symbol of European integration, and the success of Ukrainian exhibition companies on the road to their achievement of world standards of operation.


  • May 29 — the Plaza restaurant opens. With the opening of the restaurant, organizers got the opportunity to provide exhibitors with additional catering services, as well as delivery of hot lunches directly to booths. During non-exhibition days, the Plaza restaurant is also open. The restaurant is available too for booking banquets, buffets, and corporate events.


  • February 11 — the opening of the second exhibition hall is a noteworthy event for the Ukrainian exhibition business as a whole. The gross indoor exhibition space of KyivExpoPlaza reached 22,000 sq. m, which allowed Ukraine’s largest and most modern exhibition center to reach European levels and become a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry UFІ.


  • May 26 — the first Ukrainian Contribution to Advertising prize is awarded at KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center. In the first 18 months, since it opened, KyivExpoPlaza has already significantly affected Ukraine’s exhibition business due to the largest exhibition space and exhibitions which take place in it.


  • June 15 — recognition of KyivExpoPlaza by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFІ) in the exhibition center category. Membership of the UFІ signifies not only the highest level of international recognition, but also a considerable milestone in the development of the Ukrainian exhibition business. The acceptance of KyivExpoPlaza as a member of the UFI in the exhibition center category testified to the complete compliance of the new exhibition center with the requirements of the international exhibition business. Today, half of UFI-certified Ukrainian exhibitions are held at KyivExpoPlaza.


  • January, 23 — a joint meeting of the International Trade Club and Telecom Club takes place. This event is unique for booth organizations, in the sense that they are meeting together for the first time, and this first meeting took place in the capital’s modern new exposition center.


  • August 31 — the opening of the first High School of Exhibition Management (HSEM) in Ukraine. The HSEM is a joint project by the Institute of Advertising, and KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center. The High School of Exhibition Management offers such forms of study as: a first higher education, with a state diploma awarded for a bachelor’s (4 years of study) an for a master’s (5 years of study);  a second higher education (2 years of study), with a state diploma awarded; - short-term training, in the form of courses, seminars, and master-classes. Both the first, as well as the second higher education can be obtained by daytime, evening, extra-mural, or distance learning.


  •  November 22 17 days, which shook the world — beginning on , for the next 3 weeks, KyivExpoPlaza daily accommodates between 3 and 5 thousand participants in the people’s protests for democracy from all over Ukraine, providing them a place to sleep, food, and medical care.



  • January 25—27 — The Exhibition Business 2006: from Quantity to Quality.  KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center operates for the first time at an exhibition, not as an exhibition center, but rather as an exhibitor. This event was marked by an award from the Exhibition Federation of Ukraine: “For significant contribution to the development of Ukraine’s exhibition infrastructure”.
  • September 15 — KyivExpoPlaza — an exhibition center for diverse events. KyivExpoPlaza announces a new area of business, with the exhibition center as a place for carrying out corporate celebrations, seminars, conferences, and any other specialized events.


  • July 6 — the founding of the Exhibition Service Union of Ukraine Association. The founding members of the Association were 15 leading Ukrainian booth construction companies. The main objective of the organization — is to bring together all exhibition service departments for the establishment of a single professional and transparent system of work at exhibition centers, and adherence to safety regulations and fair competition in this market. A total of 26 companies which build exclusive booths work at KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center. On September 1, 2006, on the premises of KyivExpoPlaza, the same rules for the work of all booth construction companies are in operation.


  • August 30 — the first meeting of the Innovation Club. KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center was chosen as the permanent location for meetings of the leading representatives of Ukrainian science, investment, and innovative business in the framework of the Expert – Innovations project, which is being carried out by the Expert Ukraine magazine.


  • September 9 — a general meeting of the Association of the Sports Industry of Ukraine (ASIU). The main aim of setting up the Association was to determine a strategy for development of Ukraine’s sports industry, and to develop and realize together with various state authorities, a Concept and a Program for the Development of Ukraine’s Sports Industry.



  • February 20 - press-conference for the implementation of common security at KyivExpoPlaza venue. Press-conference is the result of fruitful work of KyivExpoPlaza in developing criteria for evaluating the quality of construction according to the categories of exhibition equipment. Implementation of new safety criteriafor exhibitions during installation and dismantling activities increases the requirements of construction companies and the level of quality of their services. Now an annual accreditation companies enables developers to involve cooperation only professional company and coordinate the transparency of business processes in this segment.


  • March 6 - presentation a new KyivExpoPlaza business model as congress center for international conventions and congresses in Ukraine, "where agencies were represented by the possibility of holding conferences, seminars, trainings, presentations forums and congresses in the conference halls of the exhibition center.


  • May 18 - KyivExpoPlaza became the first Ukrainian exhibition center, who visited President of the World Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI Mr. Johan Witt. During a tour of the exhibition center, president of UFI concluded that the first draft carefully "KyivExpoPlaza" today can effectively carry out world-class exhibitions here.


  • September 14 - KyivExpoPlaza initiated the meeting of Exhibition Venues from Ukraine region: Opportunities regional exhibition centers in the form of corporate events," during which presented the largest advertising company Kyiv opportunities on-site corporate events in the regional exhibition centers: Presentation and Exhibition Center "Radmir Expohall "(Kharkiv), exhibition center LEMBERG (Lviv), Expocentre" Meteor "(Dnepropetrovsk), Specialized Exhibition Centre" Expodonbass "(Donetsk). The event promoted the union of two interrelated areas of marketing: The city and the exhibition, and also provided assistance in attracting additional investment to promote development of event-bznesa regional exhibition centers.


  • September 18 - Press conference on the opening of the third exhibition hall. The total closed area of ​​the exhibition center was 28,000 square meters, which allowed "KyivExpoPlaza" take the lead in the exhibition market of Ukraine. Organizers of the exhibition will increase its activities by 30% in autumn 2007.


  • October 5 - attended KyivExpoPlaza in the fifth Business Forum "Vdala event" with report "Selection of place for winter activities: a review of urban and suburban areas," which was presented to the benefits of exhibition centers as sites for the winter corporate events.


  • October 24-27 - participating in UFI 74 Congress of , held in Versailles, and collected a record number of participants - 370 delegates from 54 countries worldwide. Ukraine was represented at the congress of six exhibition companies: KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Center , International Exhibition Centre, JSC "Kyiv International Contract Fair", Euroindex compony, International Congress Center "ZovnishEkspoBiznes" and the National complex "Expocentre of Ukraine". The main theme of the congress was devoted to research and reflection on the future development of exhibition industry until 2020. Revealed the pressing questions about the possibilities of creating a stable competitive environment in the rapidly changing conditions; differentiation forming a separate campaign for the young and the elderly, the formation of new channels of communication with the younger generation, use of modern technology and introduction of new support services for exhibitions. General conclusions reached by members of Congress: exhibition space continues to expand, providing a stable growth of the exhibition industry. However, during 2006-2010 (13% - expected growth at this stage) may be less significant than it was in previous years.


  • November 2007 - Exit 8 issue of the Journal "shows Kyiv." Publishers modified the concept of the magazine. Now publishes latest and current events exhibition market, interviews with famous figures of the exhibition and advertising business, articles about the most interesting aspects of exhibition life. In 8 issue deals with events: the opening of the third pavilion "KyivExpoPlaza", forming a single base exhibition centers of regions of Ukraine on the possibilities of their use as platforms for on-site and corporate events, producing high quality assessment Ukrainian Exhibition "EVROINDEKS" - certification of compliance with international standards ISO 9001:2000. The new column "Interview" on the characteristics of the current event-market, found a positive response from readers.



  • March 6 - participation in UFI European Committee meeting in St.Petersburg. 


  • March 21 - participation with a report in 6th Ukrainian business forum for event industry professionals. The report was dovoted to the topic of  "Requirements to the venues for arranging different types of event". The forum was attended by 230 companies and more than 20 accredited media. The students presented seasonal distribution map of events throughout the year, following which the event-menendzher advance can find the necessary ground for a project. On the example of "KyivExpoPlaza" presented the main technical characteristics of sites that primarily should be considered in the search. The report was based on theoretical and practical skills exhibition center with different events.


  • March 28 - participation in the III International Conference MICE Ukraine in 2008 a report "format for business activities." First "KyivExpoPlaza" addressed the conference on the development of business tourism to Ukraine. The report focused on the following target audience: business event organizers, travel agencies and representatives of the hospitality industry. The audience was presented algorithm training business event on the choice of location for the organization of all related parts: calculation of the area conference room furniture arrangement, the work of catering, etc. As a result, the speech managed to get a positive response in the audience and establish personal contact with each participant of the conference by further distribution of the presentation. This presentation is allowed to move the exhibition center on the market of business tourism and MICE events.


  • September 2008 - participation in the Corporate Media of Ukraine competition with the own Kyiv Exhibitons magazine and corporate film "Five years with distinction." Corporate video certificate awarded by the Ukrainian Association of Corporate Media as better corporate media in 2008.


  • October 2008 - publication of the 4 event's season handbook - a universal solution for event-industry concerns practical advises and ready models in business and event organization process. This handbook is useful for the start-up companies with young staff as also for those who have many years of experience in event industry. You can order 4 event’s season handbook directly from our site with currier delivery or post mail.



  • May 2009 — at the reader's vote by the magazine Business Travel, «KyivExpoPlaza" as the best exhibition center in three categories: the number of exhibitions on the number of visitors, the number of contracts. The project was envisaged 7 nominations in 25 categories. In the contest attended by 87 companies. The turnout - 5773 respondents.


  • May 20 — 4 Event Seasons handbook was presented in Marketing Director Forum. Each participant (220) was received his own sample.


  • June 10 — Kyiv Exhibitions magazine edition first published in electronic format, which help to expand the readership of the publication.


  • July 4 — KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Center hosted Oriflame Feast of Directors “Oriflame Wonderland." For the fifth year the Oriflame Company gathers its leaders from Ukraine and Moldova. 2009T was marked not only as colorful and lush concert banquet, but also a record number of visitors — 3650 people. Traditionally, the event kicked off at the open area of Expocentre. A few hours later, the guests moved inside the venue hall, were awarded certificates and monetary gifts to the "best of the best."


  • July 2009 — KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Center presented a special "gift card" for the event-companies. There is three times of card: Bronze, silver and gold, which offer a special discount for its owner within 10 to 20% depends on the event value and are it covers.


  • September 24 — KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Centre hosted and took part at served as the Business Expo international forum. The Forum brought together over 400 participants: representatives of the exhibition organizers, teachers and students of higher educational institutions (Kiev National Trade and Economic University, Institute of Advertising, Kiev National University of Technology and Design, State Academy of Leadership Culture and Arts), and independent industry experts and journalists . The forum was held VII International scientific-practical conference "Exhibition activities in Ukraine: the integration of education, science and practice", as well as competition, "Life in the exhibition Dimension", with the following nominations: "The design of the booth," "Exhibition poster," "Exhibition catalog, "" proprietary attribute exhibitions."