Corporative Events


KyivExpoPlaza - a kaleidoscope of events

Since 2003 in KyivExpoPlaza passed more than 100 corporate projects, concerts, festivals, and more than 600 conferences,
seminars, workshops, master classes, including such famous brands as: Qiev Dance, Camel Godskitchen World Tour,
Live Energy Global Dance Festival, Jeans Non-Stop party, birthday Kiss Fm, Ukraine mehafinal of mobile media,
nationwide campaign "Car of the Year, Youth Festival Stud Dance, Snickers Urbania Festival and several other national
and international projects.

KyivExpoPlaza is your format !!!  

In KyivExpoPlaza you can hold events of various formats:

  • conference or congress
  • corporate party or music festival
  • test drive or tuning show
  • as well as private events, promotions, conventions, concerts etc. 


In other words in the exhibition halls can comfortably take measures from 50 to 20 thousand persons or series of events simultaneously.

The main advantages of KyivExpoPlaza in relation to other sites:


  • Large space pavilions and conference rooms can be reduced through specific cell walls or curtains on small section with a separate entrance.
  • Three detached pavilions can be connected in an one system using the indoor corridors.


  • Exhibition space and conference rooms location measure allows any format, simultaneously using both lecture hall and presentation area.
  • Private groups and incoming cargo gateway in each pavilion allows visitors to differentiate flows or pick up guests and transport directly to the pavilion.
  • Open platform can be used for parking and for music festivals, sports competitions, skate show kartinh-attraction test drive.
  • Zero pavilions foundation withstands the load on the ceiling from 5 000 to 10 000 kg / sq. m.


  • With lehkozvodymыh poster designs could be built wardrobes, dressing room, utility room in anywhere in the room, without changing the composition plan.
  • With minimal scenery and bright room can be transformed beyond recognition: Hall ballroom, amphitheater, camp in the wild west, medieval or ancient kingdom pavilion.
  • Extensive engineering system allows for supply of electricity, water, telephone lines, Internet anywhere halls.
  • Modern system of climate control: heating, ventilation, air conditioning provides a comfortable temperature at any time of year (summer - cool, in winter - heat).


  • Manager of the Expo calculates the optimum area for each project and coordinates the work of all services during the preparation, conduct and disassembly of the event, thus ensuring the timely execution of all applications and customer's requirements.
  • There seasonal discounts.


  • Distance from downtown (11,7 km) allows evening projects using pyrotechnics and dancing programs in the evening.


Also at your service:


  • Threeseparate tents (11 000 sq. km.m, 6 000 sq. m, 11 000 square meters.) canbeconnected bya covered passage in one complex
  • Each hall has separate entrances with its own loading gates, allowing up to 8 exhibitions to be carried out simultaneously,
    or for a large exhibition to be split up by product groups into specialized expositions each with its own entrance.
    All loading gates facilitate vehicle access.
  • The exhibitions halls are equipped with a branched supply network for electricity, water, sewage, phone communications,
    and Internet, allowing connection from any point in the exhibition hall.
  • State-of-the-art climate-control technology integrates heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
  • The halls are designed for minimal sound reverberation, and a fire protection and alarm system is installed.
  • Suspension of decorative materials is possible at any place in the exhibition hall.
  • Dust free flooring was designed under Swedish vacuuming technology.
  • Lightning under the European standard.
  • 24-hour security service
  • Services for people with physical disabilities: entrance slip roads, accessible toilets, elevators


  • Total open area - 8 650 m.
  • Three parking for 1 560 cars.

For rent space in the pavilions, please contact the sector of planning and sales:

Larisa Stasiuk
Tel.:  +38 (044) 227-07-17
E-mail:  stasiuk(at)