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Booth-constructing company is a subcontractor for the exhibitor. Booth-constructing company provides all works and services connecting with design and assemble exhibition stands on unequipped exhibition area (assembly work).

Booth-constructing company is a professional company which based its main activity on booth-design, development, manufacturing and installation. Booth-constructing company falls under the accredited once in every 6 months in KyivExpoPlaza (Expocenter). Expocenter sign a 6 month contract with a Booth-constructing company of carrying out works and providing additional services.

For professional booth-constructing companies:

All questions according accreditation may be addressed to the KyivExpoPlaza exhibition department.

Contact person: Marina Melnik
Tel.: +38 (044) 461-94-60
E-mail: melnik(at)expoplaza.kiev.uа


Exhibitor-constructing company is a company which takes part in a certain exhibition where it builds its own exhibition stand on unequipped exhibition area itself or with help of professional trained staff.

Exhibitor-constructing company signs a contract with the Epicenter and pays flat fair 1,100 grivna for the right to hold assembly works in exhibition centre. Exhibitor-constructing company orders connection to utilities services of the Exhibition Centre, hanging overhead constructions services in the event organizer. All additional services are provided by special price-list.


For exhibitor-constructing companies

Contact person: Tamara Frantovskaya
Tel.: +38 (044) 461-94-60
E-mail: frantovska(at)expoplaza.kiev.ua