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Accept this opportunity to place your advertisement at KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Centre corporative site

You will gain your target audience in a very prompt way


Trade shows are efficient tool for promoting goods and services of your company, therefore KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Centre offers a wide range of advertising opportunities, acceptable to all participants of the exhibition process.


If you are planning an advertising campaign in the Internet, we offer you to expand your target audience by advertising on the KyivExpoPlaza corporative site. Here the number of visitors is constantly growing from 400 up to 700 hosts every day. 

Place an advertisement on the site
Trade shows and exhibitions give you a lot of possibilities to pay more attention to your products. Outdoor located bill-boards and city-lights are available for your publicity during all exhibitions last. Advertisements on bill-boards and city-lights
KyivExpoPlaza additional flatness as: central fence, pavilions’ walls, covered hall corridor are grabbed exhibitors by good location and permanent visitors’ flow. Advertising during the trade shows

For companies, which are interested in long-term cooperation and informing visitors and exhibitors of their services, we offer long-term placement of advertising on the KyivExpoPlaza media information — central outdoor fence is value for money investment in your business development. Central outdoor fence is specially prepared advertising flatness for banners, located outdoor in central place of mass passage of visitors.


Long term-advertising campaign



Trade shows are a long-term guarantee of your success.

Use KyivExpoPlaza promotional opportunities in the most efficient way!